Ancient Astronaut – Pilot Chariot EP (Heavy Hound Records)

By Jay Snyder
May 19, 2011
(excerpt from http://www.hellridemusicforums.com/forum/showthread.php?threadid=24340 )

... I had a feeling we were going to be somewhere amongst the heavier end of the doom universe with this one, and I was right. Pilot Chariot is a 5-track
crushfest that refuses to give up an inch of ground with its bloated sludge licks, smoky southern grooves, and anti-matter melodies. Opener, “Mewn”
establishes a repetitive, drawn-out creep that manifests itself through an instrumental dirge that strews eerie, ringing guitar melodies through a rotten,
festering carcass full of derelict doom riffs, and clattering, desolation drumming. I can feel the maggots gnawing away at my very brain, as the hypnotic
riffs pan the gold of my very soul, seamlessly flowing into the serpentine Sabbathery of “Welcoming The Chariot.” Impact is felt from the very first fire
wielding groove, the whole band building a head of steam on the crest of Kerch’s relentless battery, all a bluster of hyper-kinetic snare fills, and
thunderous toms, as the fuzzy, drugged-out low-end paints in the area around the tense beats. Riffs swing and swagger with plenty of Iommian manna to
spare, shuffling into a number of up-tempo surges, only to drop down into heaving, hopeless doom whenever the blood-in-lung vocal growls make their first
appearance. There’s a high level of energy pulsating through every inch of this tune, and not a single riff feels like a waste of time. Everyone’s giving
it their all, and adding as much as they can to each individual part. After a spire of soulful, bluesy instrumentation fortifies the track’s midsection,
the band distills their sound to the most primal invocation of sludge/doom one can imagine…shouted vocals buried deep in the mix, brutish high/low riffs,
and sternum shattering percussion…yep, southern doom in the flesh my friends! ...


Ancient Astronaught; Live at Krugs, Feb 5, 2011
Raw footage taken from the limited DVD release accompanying the first ten of thirty copies of Pilot Chariot (HH006)



HH006 - Ancient Astronaught - Pilot Chariot EP

released with limited edition sticker, slip sleeve, first pressing 26 copies, first 10 copies come with DVD

This, the first of a trilogy of releases hits the streets today, May 7, 2011.

Cd release show at Krugs, 906 East st, Frederick, MD w/ Nagato, Admiral Browning, Negative Reaction and a very special surprise guest vocalist performance with Ancient Astronaught.

Look for upcoming releases from Ancient Astronaught; a band formed by
members of several established Northern Virginia/Maryland bands. The
influences of their past and present musical endeavors can be heard,
although developed and evolved together like a long simmering stew. A
listener will certainly hear the traces and ghosts of the legendary doom
bands that helped fertilize the minds and creators of this music, but it is
as if those minds have pushed past a door that opens communication with
our own inner higher powers. Ancient Astronaught's utilization of their
doom influences is for them, like having a powerful vehicle to transport
this idea of music as a spiritual and communicative device. The elements
of this vehicle are evident in the cultivation of the extremities of sound
and ferocity, combined with the concept of the music representative of
actual space travel, landing, and so forth. It is this ability to
transcend our own comfort zones that I believe is one of the trademarks of
heavy music, and also behind the purpose, lyrical content and overall
message of Ancient Astronaught. There is a distinctly human element to
their music, because it rings with the question all human beings ask
ourselves - where do we come from? Like a distorted, painful, yet
beautiful prayer, this music is an account of the resounding truth within
all of us that we are not alone, both spiritually and factually. These
facts serve as of the catalysts for the formation of this band, drawing
from architectural, historical and geographical evidence documenting
visitations from other beings. It is everybody's right to decide for
themselves whether or not these beings serve as the genesis for all
religion and religious archetypes, but the certain requirement of the
thinker to push the mind past what it has learned, is the same effort that
was needed for these artists to push past the musical boundaries that
confront any musician.