Review of Sad Girl Acoustic:

...Once again VOG has managed to reach out and arrest every existing
and feasible sensation from their audience through a song...

VOG - Sad Girl


Review of VOG s/t on Shifty Records:

This record is incredibly intense and if it doesn't put Virginia's bastard
sons Vog on the map then the music world may very well be deaf. Vog hover
somewhere in between punk, sludge, stoner rock, noise, psychedelic rock,
grind, death and black metal, taking little bits and pieces from each genre
and stitching them together into ugly, purely evil jams that I can only liken
to Acid Bath most directly. Vog though really don't sound exactly like Acid
Bath except in just a few aspects. The vocal performance on this record is a
bit like Dax Riggs in that it is all over the map ranging between intense
screams that absolutely rage atop the music with some death growls adding more
vitriol and even a bit of clean crooning that sounds great and incredibly
ominous especially in the context of sprawling epics like "Like the Sky Above"
and "Man of Action" which switch tempos up between eerie, suffocating sludge
and more punishing metal with clean vocals adding a ton of dementia to the
slower parts. The former of these two songs keeps getting noisier and freaked
out as it keeps going as the pace slows to that of pure, plundering sludge
with crazy effects seeping through the layers of sound like patterns coming
through the floor on a good trip. In fact this whole record is like being on
drugs without actually taking anything and that is a pretty high compliment. I
just like how this record is all over the place never giving you a chance to
compose yourself or figure out what they are going to throw your way next.
They bring much faster speeds and in your face vocal assaults on tracks
like "Stepping Stones of Humane Survival" and "Odin's Will" which are near
grind in their intensity but still draw a certain amount of influence
from sludge and punk, whereas album closer "Whatever Works" finds them
bringing a straight-up southern groove to the forefront with some fast
metallic punk coming in later for more intensity. The band is incredibly
tight overall; I still can't get over how insane the vocal performance is.
It really hits me on a lot of levels and the guy has got a tone that is
just completely over the top and unrelenting and the rest of the band is on
top of their game as well. The riffs just keep coming and they are always
changing in speed and style which keeps things busy enough to suit the aptly
pummeling rhythm section as the drummer has plenty of chances to go
completely nuts on the kit. This is damn fine stuff overall and there's not
one track that even drags on this record. If you dig Acid Bath then definitely
check out Vog, they take that whole sound and step it up a notch and add
so many of their own nuances to it. Here is to hoping that these
guys will get picked up by a label soon because there is no way in hell that this
amazing full-length can stay unreleased for long. If you dig sludge but
are looking for something a bit more insane and off the deep end then
Vog should definitely be worth your time. This is going to go down as one of
my favorite records of the year for sure so check it out! Highly recommended!

Review by JS of Daredevil Magazine

A primo dose of hulking psychedelic sludgemetal here
from this Virginia outfit, who enigmatically call
themselves Vog. This self titled debut is a crusher,
grinding out seven burly jams of gnarled sludge
somewhere in between Goatsnake and Eyehategod, with a
hefty dose of Today Is The Day's psychotic metallic
noise rock and loads of awesome Hawkwindesque space
rock FX! Vog's singer embellishes these cosmic tarpit
beatings with layers of intense yowling screams and
deep monstrous roars, but then he also kicks in with
some killer clean crooning vocals a la Daxx Riggs from
Acid Bath or Pete Stahl from Goatsnake. Killer stuff,
blending together megaheavy sludge/doom metal with
vicious bursts of hardcore punk, Southern rock
swagger, and noisy psychedelia all splattered with
those spacey electronic effects into an evil bad acid
trip atmosphere. Anyone into mindbending sludge metal
should definitely be checking these guys out.

Review from Crucial Blast

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